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Intégration de la plateforme

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Bonjour! Socios n’a pas d’API. Si vous le souhaitez, envoyez nous vos fichiers sur Et nous pouvons regarder ce qui est faisable. Merci et bonne journée

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Malheureusement, leurs fichiers ne sont pas assez bien structurés pour les intégrer.

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Message envoyé au support de Socios :

I’m Boris, CS Lead at Waltio, #1 FR crypto tax assistant. We would like to integrate the transaction history of your FR clients in order to help them report their cryptos (which is often a headache and takes several hours, even days). Unfortunately, we are noticing the following things and it is blocking us from integrating your transaction history file format:

  • the file has partial information, for example there are no Fan Tokens streams
  • descriptions are also used for different streams
  • how do we know the exchange currency for purchases and buys? Is it by default the Euro?
  • if the currency of exchange is indeed by default Euro or another fiat, I think unless I come across a surprise, to be able to integrate it.
  • we also need to know if the redeems are still in CHZ
    If you can help, that would save our common customers precious hours.
    Many thanks in advance
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